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  1. Stark ID Release Notes

Stark ID Release Notes

4.29 – 21/01/2021

Improved Data Source Selection and Search User Interface

We have integrated the search functionality within the tree. To access Search, simply open the tree. This is to make it easier for users to find and select sites or meters.

Various Security Improvements

We have made various improvements to the security of the reporting platform.

4.25 – 21/10/2020

Improved Registration Process

We have consolidated the registration process into a single step removing the requirement for email verification separate to account setup.

Gallery Refinements

We have streamlined the Gallery reporting request process to more clearly show report statuses and refresh these statuses more accurately.

Various Security Improvements We have made various improvements to the security of the reporting platform.

4.22 – 19/08/2020

Enhanced Comparison reports

We have increased the information available in all Comparison reports to include the date ranges of each previous period and Data Health figures. This information is also shown when hovering on the graph.

We have also amended the current period to be displayed more prominently.

League Tables now include Data Health

We have added Data Health information to our League Table reports to allow you to assess the data shown in more detail.

Show more’ added to Data Source tile

We have added a Show More option to cater for Data Source names that do not fit within the tile.

New Static Report Option

You can now run Static reports to a New Tab.

4.18 – 28/05/2020

New Timeline and Calendar report options

We have added reporting functionality to Timeline and Calendar areas. You can now select Type > Data Health. This report shows consumption data, overlaid with the status of the data and a line graph showing % completeness. You can also hover over graph to see Data Completeness.

Data Health tile for all Timeline and Calendar reports

All Timeline and Calendar reports now have an additional KPI tile that shows your Data Health.

Site name available in League Tables

All League Tables include Tree Location in a dropdown for each row.

Custom Set Interface improvements

Save and Close buttons have been added to the bottom of the ‘Create New Custom Set’ menu. This improves the user journey.

We have also removed the ‘Remove All’ button in favour of the ‘Close’ button.

New icons – Company, Site and Custom Sets

We have replaced the Company, Site and Custom Sets icons in the tree, to increase clarity and improve differentiation.

4.17 – 22/04/2020

We have added a new tile to the Dashboard to demonstrate the emissions from your electricity or gas consumption. You will now see the kgCO2e. This is calculated using the UK Government Emissions Conversion Factor and will not take into account factors such as onsite generation or a green energy tariff.

We have also added an additional tile for Water. You will see the equivalent number of Dishwasher Cycles alongside your pre-existing equivalent tile.

League Table – Sticky rows or columns

Once a League Table report is run, if you scroll vertically the first row (or headers) should remain at the edge of the scrollable area, if you scroll horizontally as the name column is about to scroll out of view it should stick to the edge of the scrollable area.

League Table – New groupings

League Tables are now grouped into Types and Subtypes

  • Energy
    • Total Consumption
  • Occupancy
    • Average Consumption
    • Total Consumption
    • % Share
    • Unoccupied
  • Normalisation
    • Floor Area
    • Population

New tab

You can now open your Dynamic reports in a new tab allowing you to compare multiple reports at the same time. Simply run the report and click on the below icon located next to Table view and Download.

4.15, 4.16 – 25/03/2020

Dashboard Updates

We have added a new tile to the Dashboard to help you understand your energy figures. For electricity, you will see the equivalent number of times a Kettle is Boiled, for gas you will see the equivalent Number of Homes Heated and for Water, you will see Pints of Milk.

We have also added a Key to the Last 7 days graph so you can toggle on and off the average and consumption lines.

Quicker access to csv Downloads in Dynamic

You can now ‘Download as csv’ directly from the Dynamic report page.  

Further changes to League Tables

We have added new KPIs to the Occupancy League Table to help you compare Core, Shoulder and Unoccupied consumption.

You can now view the relevant Parameter figures in Population and Floor Area League Tables.

Various enhancements

  • Resolving an issue where the Full Date (including month and year) was not displaying in Table view in Dynamic reports.
  • Added the ability to reset the time until a report in Gallery is deleted.
  • Improved the clarity of the names of KPIs in Timeline and Calendar reports

4.14 – 23/01/2020


You no longer have to sit and wait for a long Dynamic report to run. If your report does not complete after a short period, it will be sent to our report engines. You can track its progress in your notifications or in the Gallery under Processing. Once your report is complete, you can access it in the Gallery – Ready area.

Streamlining the Static report process

We have started to streamline the process of running a Static report. To choose a report, you can now use the button below or click on the Select a report… box.

You can now go directly from the Favourites area to your Report Library in a single click.

Further improvements will follow.

Day of the week in Timeline hover

The day of the week now appears in relevant Timeline hover views.

Various enhancements

  • Reporting and Custom Set folders no longer greyed out
  • Use of thousand separators in League Table reports
  • Sort icon now closer to header in League Tables
  • League Table columns separated by lines
  • No data message adopted for League Tables

Various bug fixes including:

  • Timezone appears on png/pdf download of Dynamic reports
  • Default Apply DST to yes when swapping from a timezone without DST options
  • Reset password includes rules for password requirements

4.12 – 24/10/2019

Better missing data handling in Dynamic reports

Missing values in your Dynamic reports are now consistently represented by a dash. This is both in the Table data and when the report is downloaded as a csv.

Readability enhancements

Consistent use of thousand separators in all KPI tiles in Dynamic reports.

Various improvements across League Tables and Tables

  • The ‘General Analysis’ League Table has been renamed ‘Consumption’
  • ‘Show All’ option available on League Tables
  • Clearer indication of the current page in League Table and when viewing the table of chart data

Various bug fixes including:

  • Prevented scrollbar arrows appearing for chart keys at certain resolutions
  • FIREFOX: Scrollbar issues resolved at 110% zoom so tree displays correctly
  • Multiple improvements to error messaging including when no data is available

4.11 – 26/09/2019

Registration Process

The registration process has been consolidated into a single platform. It is now more efficient to register as a new user of Stark ID.

Toggleable Dynamic Graphing

You can now toggle what is displayed in your Dynamic graphs, after you have run them by selecting the item you would like to remove/add from the graph legend.

Increased reporting for some utilities

Oil, Gas, Compressed Air, Heat. Bottles Gas, Steam utilities offer comparable functionality to all other utilities.

Custom Sets – utility filtering

You can now select your utility when running a report on a Custom Set that contains multiple utility types.

Single Data Source League Tables

League Tables can be run on any single site or meter giving you quicker access to KPIs on an individual basis.

Report Run Speed

Improvements made to report run speeds

New Notification Types

Increased functionality to notify user regarding Product news and updates.

Additional notification types added in preparation for the Scheduled reports and Alarms that will be made available in future releases.

Minor UX improvements made to:

  • Dynamic Report layouts
  • Toggle selection for Add in Dynamic Timeline and Calendar reports
  • Messaging when user selects a report period containing no data
  • Table view headings now fixed in place
  • Timer wheel displays when downloading a report
  • Clearer definition of Comparison ‘Day’

Various bug fixes including:

  • Screen shaking after report run at certain resolutions
  • Tree not loading next set of items at certain resolutions
  • kVA displaying a single value when there is no Lag or Lead data
  • CO2 reports showing incorrect Difference from Average figure
  • Inconsistent ordering of Occupancy bands across Graph Legend, Table and csv download.

More event logging

Better diagnostics tools regarding user report running activity.

Other enhancements

Major behind the scenes improvements to allow future functionality to be added regarding Scheduling reports.

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